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Regardless of the scale of our clients' requirements, we consistently deliver. Ursa has ensured quality and high productivity for the benefit of our valued partners for over two decades.
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Mining ores and minerals with utmost precision and a deep ecological commitment, we are advancing our excavation and upgrading of mining resources, all in accordance with the UNFC code.
In producing our cathode rays, we are using one of the most chemical engineering processes and metallurgical methods. To maximize quality and effectiveness, we take leaps.
To promote more sustainability in the environment, we pursue our lithium ore venture passionately. We provide the most effective energy source for your batteries, and we are at your service.
Mining our copper ores from Tanzania’s most prosperous and high-quality resources, we are pioneering the new knowledge and quality of our copper ores.
Development over the years

How did we start

Built Brand Name 

With just an idea to change the dynamics of the mining industry, Ursa was named twenty years ago. Doing something good for the society that has provided for us for years, we initiated our ventures.


How we started our business

Trust And Loyalty 

We were also just a small business idea twenty years ago. We started our mining ventures from creeks and rivers and increased our scale, leaping through every stop sign in our way.


How did we scale our business

International Standards 

Joining hands with our oldest and most precious partners, we scaled our business worldwide. Our minerals have never lost their quality and shine from the start.

Established Stage

Our first step in the mining industry

2500 Cities Worldwide 

Through our efforts, patience, and trust in our stakeholders over the years, we have ensured to position ourselves at the top. We established our foundation in the ground as we got our first biggest client.

Expansion Stage

Industry Partners

Gaint Investors 

Since our establishment as a mining company, we have gained the trust of all our investors. We strive to maintain the trust of our stakeholders through our consistent efforts and commitment to excellence.

Scaling Stage

How did we scale our business

Reliability . Care . Durability

Ursa Minerals and Resource Limited has been putting in the necessary effort for success from the very beginning. We are pioneers in our mining ventures, leveraging modern technology enhancements

Implementation Analysis

When choosing our mining ventures or fields for the quality products we provide to our clients, we keep various prospects in mind:

Measuring Information

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Worldwide Branches

New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil.

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls.

Europe is shared by 50 countries

China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea

Karnataka is India's IT hub

Ilulissat Icefjord, Scoresby Sound.

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