Lithium Ores & Concentrates

Promoting Sustainable Energy

Revolutionizing the production of top-quality copper cathodes through our systematic hydrometallurgical process, we assure our partners of complete satisfaction and perfection in our work.


The increasing and rising demands for lithium-ion batteries in multiple industries, including renewables, energy storage companies, electric vehicles, and various other items, have increased our mining productivity over the years. Lithium ore is the essential component of these batteries, as everyone knows, but there are many processes behind the production of those batteries.
We have been mining lithium from our reserves for a long time and have been improving our quality over the years. We mostly mine lepidolite and Spodumene; these two minerals have a very high quality of Lithium in them and are beneficial for both ourselves and our clients.
Lepidolite is a lithium-rich mica mineral with lithium, potassium, and aluminum as its primary content. Whereas Spodumene, on the other hand, is a pyroxene mineral and has lithium as its primary content. We have been mining these two minerals for a long time and have been efficient in completing our client’s requirements at every point

Development And Technology

Our mining equipment includes LiDAR and Chirp technologies. These advancements in our ventures have given us an upper hand in mining world-class Lithium ores and delivering them to our clients on time. Our employees and advanced machinery make the time-consuming process of recovering lithium brines easy. Our flotation processes include pumping salt-rich water into the surface and then into evaporation ponds. After a period when the water is completely evaporated, concentrated lithium along with other salt precipitates are left behind for our workers to collect and supply to our partners. The evaporation process then leaves a slurry of lime (Ca(OH)2), which is added to the brine afterward. This helps us in precipitating out all the unwanted elements. When all the lithium concentrations reach the point, the recovery facility takes the task of extracting the metal; this process includes certain steps, which are mentioned below:
  • First, the brine is purified to get rid of all contaminants.
  • Precipitating the desired material, chemical treatment is applied to the solution.
  • Precipitated solids are then filtered and removed.
  • Soda ash (Na2CO3) is added to get the lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) out of the mixture.
  • The lithium carbonate is washed and dried to get the pure lithium ore.
We are always making sure of the safety and economic conditions of our plant workers and other employees involved in the ventures. Their involvement and sincerity towards their work have allowed us to get to the top. We are also advancing with our environmentally friendly operations to make sure we leave any damage to the surface behind us. Ursa Minerals and Resource Limited is at your service. We are always ready for the challenges that come our way. Trust us and join hands with one of the most trusted and reliable mining companies in the country.