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Mining ores and minerals with complete perfection while having an ecological concern in our hearts, we are thrusting our excavation and upgradation of mining resources. All this, considering the UNFC code. Owning our company 100%, we are aggressively moving on the path of success along with our partners and stakeholders. Ursa Minerals and Resource Limited includes surface mining, which strips vegetation, soil, and layers of bedrock if necessary to reach our buried treasure of minerals. Techniques used by us for surface mining:

Quarrying Or Open-Pit-Mining

Our fast-paced and advanced machinery gives us an advantage in mining the pit and getting the raw minerals from hundreds of feet below the surface.

Strip Mining

We take the help of our geolocating systems and engineers to target the perfect surface layers for the removal and mining of minerals. Including our ICSVs (innovation for cleaner, safer vehicles) programs, we ensure the safety of our mining vehicles and reduce unbearable diesel consumption. This tactic has enabled us to make our work more prominent and trusted over time. Gaining the precious trust of our stakeholders, we are always going for the top, so join our family to get the benefits and reliability in the long run. The convenience of joining our family has benefits like no other. Ursa Minerals Resource Limited has never failed to complete a deadline and is planning to continue the same in the future.

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      Development And Technology

      Making sure of our dominant approach to the advancement of high-tech machinery, we are raising the standards of high-quality materials for our clients. Our machine learning technology improves day by day in order to achieve perfection in automating our tasks a thousandfold.

      Our excavation sites are mainly equipped with LiDAR and advanced GPS-related technology known as Chirp. This technology enables us to get a larger location awareness. It provides us with the locations and distance between mines, machinery, and vehicles.

      LiDAR is the most advanced piece of tech we use to map out all of our mining sites and get the best out of the minerals found in the area. Our workers and employees work in dangerous environments such as mines and caves, which have a possibility of collapse at any moment. These technologies allow us to locate each and every bedrock in the location and lead to taking countermeasures for a safe work process.

      Real-time monitoring gives us an advantage in monitoring our assets and the safety of our workers. When it comes to mining out the high-quality minerals from the pits and mines, these imaging robotics have worked wonders for us. We are also using IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sensors to our advantage of mining out an abundance of minerals from the ground. These sensors are mutually connected with our upstream management systems, enabling us to manage the location issues and monitor the work process of our machinery. AI and analytics have helped us achieve automation and perfection in our work. Using our AI and analytics technology, we have advanced in analyzing large amounts of data and making predictions, turning our human resource system into a fully automated mechanism.